Reading Comprehension

taught by Greg Smith
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Course Curriculum

Reading and Diagramming the Passage
Transition Words
View Points
Sample Passage
Main Point
Sample Passage For Structure Practice
Sample Passage for Structure Practice - Explanation
Diagramming Notations
Diagramming Notations Review
Diagramming Practice - Downloadable PDF
Diagramming Practice - Explanation
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Question Types
Main Point Questions
View Point Questions
Structural Questions
Purpose Questions
Logical Addition Questions
Details Questions
Sufficient Information Questions
Must Be True Questions
Four More Question Types (Less Frequent on the LSAT)
Weaken Questions
Parallel Reasoning Questions
Cannot Be True Questions
A Few Very Rare Question Types
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Question Features
Intro to Question Features
Question Features
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Passage Topics
Intro to Passage Topics
Passage Topics Part 1
Passage Topics Part 2
Passage Topics Part 3
Biological and Physical Science Passages Intro
Sample Science Passage Intro
Sample Science Passage Download
Science Passage - Getting Ready & Review
Sample Science Passage - Explanations
Law Passage Intro
Attachment - Sample Law Passage
Law Passage Part 1 - Minority Groups & Review of Basic Concepts
Law Passage Explanation - Notations and Questions 1 and 2
Law Passage Explanation - Question 3-8
Humanities Passage Intro and Key Concepts Review
Humanities Passage PDF
Humanities Passage Explanation - Notations and Question 1
Humanities Passage Explanation - Questions 2-6
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Comparative Passages
Comparative Reading - Key Concepts
Comparative Passage PDF
Comparative Reading Passages Intro
Comparative Reading Passages Explanation - Notations
Comparative Reading Passages Explanations Questions 1-6
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Course description

Reading comprehension is something that takes time to improve upon, however, in these lessons we'll give you the skills you need to improve as quickly as possible. And of course if you need some extra help get in touch with your personal LSAT instructor and talk about some custom solutions to your challenges.

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Greg Smith
Greg Smith
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Greg is passionate about education. His past experiences as a securities lawyer and teacher fuelled his desire to use technology to improve the learning and teaching experience. Greg has taught thousands of students online and in person. His latest addictions are learning new kiteboarding tricks and videography skills.

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